Children of the night

Join the feast


Handmade in small batches, LIQ is prepared to seduce connoisseurs around the world. LIQ is for those who aren’t afraid to step into the dark side.



Cinnamon and star anise

It's that time of the year, when liquorice covers its darkness with a white blanket. Grab the LIQ Winter seasonal taste and enjoy the twinkling star anise and the warm aroma of cinnamon.


LIQ Morning

Single Estate -coffee

Liquorice gets a wake-up call with Ethiopia Welena coffee. Taste the darkness and the morning light that follows with notes of nectarine and balanced sweetness.

LIQ Dawn

LIQ Dawn

Rasberry and Rosemary

The break of the dawn casts a shimmering light on a masterpiece.

The dark tones of liquorice and vivid palette of raspberry and rosemary paint a picture so tasteful you could hang it in a gallery.

LIQ Sunset

LIQ Sunset

Lemon and vanilla

Just before the darkness of liquorice takes over your taste buds, the lemon and vanilla of LIQ Sunset have their playful moment on your tongue. And your mind is painted with a drop of taste that will linger for a long time.


LIQ Autumn

A hint of bolete

This season, LIQ goes hunting for mushrooms. And what did we find from the darkest corner of the forest, between the fallen leaves? The surprising taste of liquorice and boletus.


LIQ Night


What does darkness taste like? LIQ Original takes you to the roots of liquorice, into the darkness of the underground. The traditional flavour of liquorice and perfect texture will leave you craving for more.


LIQ Moon

A touch of sea salt

Like the moon moves the seas, LIQ Moon will have your tastebuds watering. The sophisticated and complex palate takes you to the dark seas, leaving a salty taste tingling on your tongue.


LIQ Sunrise

Orange and black pepper

The darkness briefly gives way to the rising orange. A rendezvous in the horizon, the spicy black pepper complements the radiant and exotic couple.


LIQ Dusk

Salty caramel

Just before the sundown, the flavours of LIQ dusk envelope your mouth in a full, roasted taste. The dusk soon settles into darkness with a soft taste of toffee.

The Story

LIQ was conceived by mysterious group of Finnish liquorice-lovers who wanted to combine the best ingredients, craftmanship, and carefully developed flavours with a touch of Finnish darkness.

Tomi Björck

LIQ flavours have been developed by the renowned chef and restaurateur Tomi Björck. Tomi’s fine dining background really shows in the use high quality ingredients and painstakingly thorough approach to developing flavours. Tastes familiar from top restaurants, like salty caramel and orange and black pepper work perfectly with liquorice. Tomi is constantly developing new ideas, so stay tuned for interesting new LIQ flavours.


We want to make the world’s best liquorice and bring joy to people around the world. We are passionate about our work and we will not give up in front of challenges. We pursue our goals together and as individuals. We always do what we promise, and we do it well. Everyone at LIQ is responsible for our success and is an important part of our company. 

The devil is in the detail. We will not compromise, instead we perfect every little detail. We respect our environment, personnel, partners, and customers. Quality drives everything we do. We put our hearts into everything we do. We find happiness in the results and joy we bring to our customers and partners.